Packshot Factory is a service created to enhance the value of the photography of goods and products and promote their dissemination online and offline to attract the attention of consumers. 

We offer a distinctive service that captures photographies in all angles and perspectives (360 degrees) through a platform that displays your product as it is.    

Our expertise is online communication and marketing support, providing guidance and consultancy to customers that want to make their products available online and increase their sales or the provision of their services in the national and international markets. 

Technical Photography

Technical product photography provides a detailed, high-quality image that allows the consumer to see the real shape, density and texture of goods. We believe this technique will be a powerful tool on the dissemination of products in industries such as footwear, textile or ceramics where the characteristics of each product are differentiation factors. 


360-degree product photography provides a view to the published object from every possible angle and perspective, just a click away. This technique shows the objects realistically and reproduces their textures accurately.  


Post-production and image processing are complementary techniques to photography that, in addition to making images more appealing and creative, allow you to create the nonexistent, the unexpected, the fantastic and surprise the consumer.


Special effects are techniques that create conditions that cannot be obtained by natural means or by live-action.


Our art direction is concerned with combining the aesthetic language to the visual creativity required by different product and communication types.

3D products

In addition to the simple creation of products, 3D is intended as the result of collaborative work that relies on the services of a 3D artist or a team of professionals, with the technical expertise specifically required for each type of work.  

Institutional photography

The right type of photography to advertise and present company structures, both physical and human. It also provides photography for corporate events, space or machinery, as well as factory production.


Artworks photography is a highly reliable technic that displays the colours and textures of artworks. This technique allows 1:1 reproduction of large works, 360º photography of sculptures and art objects or rotoscoping of 3D models

industrial photography

It is a service aimed at the industrial and serial products. It gives the customer an economical option, adjusted to diverse product typologies.